Your holiday lived to the fullest with the “Personal Holiday Assistant”!



It will certainly have happened to you too! While waiting for your well-deserved vacation, you imagine the place, the sunny days between sea and nature, you think of a trip in the surrounding area or to participate in the initiatives and activities that the camping staff offers. You already see yourself as you dedicate yourself to fitness with sports and tournaments or listen to music at a poolside cocktail party, or, again, you dream of reading your book, with happy children moving in a safe environment and immersed in the dynamic activities of the miniclub… or, why not, you imagine yourself walking in a characteristic village of this beautiful Tuscan land. Then finally comes the long-awaited moment and… time flies away in a moment! How quickly passes time on vacation… and we know that on holiday you don’t always want to search and organize!

If it happened to you, I suggest you continue reading 😉

From April 18th, re-opening date of the campsite, we have a new interesting service, for those like you who want to know, participate and make the most of vacation days: the “Personal Holiday Assistant”! Very simple!

Upon your arrival at the campsite you can ask for a personal assistant at the reception, you get in touch and… you’re done!

According to your needs and your preferences, you will be told all the opportunities in the structure and the territory… great right? Ah.. I forgot… the service is completely free and is in Italian and English!

What do you think about it?…it’s a good idea?

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